Payment Guide

Singtel Dash Instructions
    ⚠️Things to Note: Unverified Dash Account CANNOT send to our number, please only do 7-11 direct top up.

    1. Fill your UserID and ServerID
    2. Select Package
    3. Select "Manual Bank Transfer/ Singtel Dash"
    4. Click Checkout
    5. Take Screenshot,("Transcation Number" needs to be visable)
    6. Take down the Dash number and top up at 7-11
    7. Send both Dash receipt + Transcation Number to our Customer Support

    $0.01 shortage of payment will NOT be approved!
XanPay Instructions
    1. Choose your country
    2. Select payment method
    3. Enter your email
    4. Verify your Phone Number
    5. Click Pay
    6. Open Banking application to scan QR code for Payment.

    If you are using mobile, take a screenshot, and upload it to your banking application for payment.

Bank Deposit Instructions
  • Transfer the exact amount to the specific bank provided

  • Account holder name: 2WENTYV
    Payment method: DBS Bank Ltd
    Account number: 8850-6500-4241-5402-9