Terms & Conditions

1. General
  • By registering and using the 2wentyV.com service, you automatically agree to all of our terms of service.
  • We can change, modify, add, delete, or correct ("change") at any time by the development of 2wentyV.com and the laws and regulations. We encourage you to visit our website periodically to be aware of these changes.
2. Service
  • 2wentyV.com provides and operates an integrated online ordering system and facility (the "Service"), serving Topup-Game orders.
  • 2wentyV.com will not be responsible if you experience a loss in your business as a reseller, such as an error in inputting orders or quantities or other data.
  • 2wentyV.com does not accept cancellation/refund requests once the order has entered our system. We provide a refund if the order cannot be completed under the applicable conditions.
3. Conditions

2wentyV.com has the right to suspend or delete your account without giving a refund if you do the following:

  • Selling and buying 2wentyV.com accounts.
  • Cheating in transactions on 2wentyV.com.
4. Transactions

If there are users who make transactions illegally / fraudulently:

  • 2wentyV.com has the right to take legal action.
  • The user is responsible for his mistakes.
5. Disclaimer / Dispute

If there is a dispute from a third-party service provider:

  • 2wentyV.com will help to make reports and follow up with third parties.
  • 2wentyV.com is not responsible if an error is made by a third party.
6. Refund / Exchange

All Digital Services fulfilled by 2wentyV.com are non-refundable and non-returnable.
Digital Services include in-game credits/virtual credits/tokens or items of similar nature.
However, the customer is required to submit a request to 2wentyV.com on any missing or shortage of credits. Failure to do so will automatically forfeit the customer's right to make any refund or exchange. Refund or Exchange will be case-by-case basis.
Once payment is made and processed successfully by the payment service provider, your purchase is deemed as fulfilled.

In the event of a refund to the User due to any reason, 2wentyV.com will refund the transaction in accordance with the User's payment method deducted by the service fee unless otherwise determined by 2wentyV.com. The costs related to the transfer of the refund to the User's fund account shall be borne by the User.
2wentyV.com at its sole discretion may refund the User to protect against all risks and losses that arise, if the User's actions is indicated to have committed fraud or abuse in transactions and/or a violation of the Rules of Use of 2wentyV.com and if the User's account is suspected or indicated to have been accessed by another party. The consequences of the User's actions is the responsibility of the User.